Auston Matthews Moustache Is On The LineImage by: Movember
26 October 2021

Auston Matthews Puts His Iconic Mo On The Line Again

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Last Movember, hockey icon and facial hair connoisseur Auston Matthews pledged to shave his infamous moustache off – for a price.

With one of the most celebrated moustaches in the NHL, Auston committed to shaving off his trademark Mo in the name of men’s health, working with Movember in a bid to raise $134,000 by the end of November.

While we raised some amazing funds with Auston’s help, we didn’t quite reach the goal. That’s why, after curating a Mo-seum of inspiration for the past twelve months, Auston is back again this year, putting his moustache on the line this Movember to help raise $134,000 in the name of men’s health.

“We’re so excited to be working alongside Auston Matthews to raise vital funds for men’s health,” says Todd Minerson, Country Director for Movember Canada.“Auston’s moustache is iconic. When you think of the NHL and moustaches, it’s one of the first that comes to mind. This is why it’s especially exciting for us to have Auston willing to put that trademark Mo on the line to help us raise awareness and funds for Movember during a year when conversations around men’s health have never been more important.”

To formally launch the campaign, Matthews stars in the video above, set in the Mo-seum that he meticulously curated in anticipation of this very moment, to once again to put his moustache on the line.

And now, the fate of this incredible moustache lies in your hands. Seriously.

And what else is serious? Raising funds crucial to supporting men’s mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Join Auston and sign up or donate to his Mo Space today:

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