Jack & Jones x Movember
Jack & JonesImage by: Movember
Jack & Jones x Movember
8 November 2021

A Fit For Every Moustache With JACK & JONES

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We know the dilemma: You wake up and say good morning to your moustache, with the sun beaming through the window. You go about your routine and catch a glance in the mirror, immediately asking “Who’s that handsome devil?” only to realize that it’s you.

Finally, you get to your closet and run into a dilemma: what clothes best compliment this lip sweater I’m currently wearing?

We’ve been there; luckily, our friends and style experts JACK & JONES are here to help with the top style tips to help you complete your look for this moustache season, making sure every time you walk out the door you are at your best. Study up ahead of Black Friday to fill your cart in time for some major 40% off deals.

Do Denim on Denim

We know the traditional fashion rule: no denim on denim! But you’re different; you’re a rule breaker and a trend maker, which is why you currently have that moustache gracing the canvas of your upper lip.

If The Trucker or Regent Mo best suits your style, bend the rules and don the ol’ Canadian tuxedo as a great way to elevate your usual white tee and jeans combo. Add a tailored denim button up before you head out the door and let those handlebars shine.

Class it up with a cardigan

Donning the classic Connoisseur or Wisp styles for this #Movember? We’ve got you covered. A good cardigan can go a long way to take a chino from casual to classy, and adaptable for almost all situations. The Melvin Cardigan (and perhaps a glass of whisky), much like your moustache, is your ally in this situation. Plus, it would make Ron Burgundy proud.

Add personality with pattern

A fun printed sock takes any outfit up a notch. If you’re twirling the tips of your Mo for that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ we think these pineapple pattern dress socks will become a go-to accessory this season.

Coats are the GOAT

And by ‘goat’ we of course mean ‘greatest of all time’ winter wardrobe staple. If things are taking shape into The Business Man or Box Car style for your upper lip, then the Moulder Coat would be the perfect complement.

JACK & JONES is partnering with Movember for a second year to give back to the bros who have helped them get to where they are today. They will be accepting donations in-store all month long with a goal to raise $50,000 for men’s health.