Funded Programs

Mental Health

The results we seek

Men and boys are mentally healthy.
Those who experience mental health problems take action early and live lives free of stigma and discrimination.

How will we measure progress?

Strategic Goals

Men and boys are mentally healthy and take action to remain well.

When men and boys experience mental health problems they take action early.

Men and boys with mental health problems are not discriminated against.

How we will measure our goals

Men and boys are mentally healthy.

Men and boys know how to stay mentally healthy.

Men and boys act on their knowledge about how to stay mentally healthy.

Men and boys know the signs of when their mental health is deteriorating.

Men and boys take action early when they experience mental health problems.

Fewer men and boys die by suicide.

The general community accepts and includes men and boys experiencing mental health problems.

Men and boys with mental health problems live free of stigma and discrimination.

Who are we working with?

  • Men and boys who are at risk or have experienced a mental health problem, their families and loved ones.

  • Mental health professionals, providers and professional associations.
  • Men's Health Partners.

  • Non-government organizations.

  • Workplaces, schools, primary care providers, local governments and other settings and service providers.
  • Researchers.

  • Governments, including mental health commissions.

  • Other philanthropic funders of mental health and wellbeing.

What are we going to do?

We will invest in projects and research that
  • Engage men and boys about their mental health and wellbeing in settings outside of the health system, for example, workplaces and schools.

  • Lead to more men and boys with poor mental health taking action early to improve their mental health and wellbeing, and where supported by the evidence, avoids them accessing 'higher intensity' services.
  • Apply a 'male lens' to issues related to health and wellbeing and draw on the positive aspects of masculinity that influence men's health behaviour.

  • Reduce the stigma and discrimination experienced by men and boys who have a mental health problem.
  • Catalyze new models of improving the mental health and wellbeing of men and boys that can scale within and across countries.

  • Provide support and information to men, boys and their families where needed.

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