Big Mo On Campus

Author: Movember
Canadian students have once again put down their books, picked up their razor and prepared their faces for a month of Mo’s. 8 days into Movember and there are already over 24,000 student Mo Bros and Mo Sistas. Whether you are an elementary, high school, college or university student-there is always a desk for a Mo in the classroom. Wild Movember stories are everywhere. Get on the Big Moustache on Campus-BMOC network to share your story and win some hairy prizes for the BMOC MOMOTop Team and Top Campus

McGill University are the top campus team with 319 members in their network and over $20,000 raised.  Mo Bro John Daley is leading the charge and has united all of McGill’s teams and the campus is covered in hairy ribbons. Check out their efforts here
The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario have jumped on board and made sure that Mo’s are growing. They know that a moustache demands respect- it ensures a class stays quiet and focused. Team ETFO already has 93 members that have raised over $9,000! They also lead the Big Moustache on Campus-BMOC network
Humber College’s Fundraising and Volunteers management have once again focused their class around Movember. Made up of mostly Mo Sistas, they are a shining example of Mo Sistas encouraging Mo Bros to take care of their health. Check out their networks efforts here. If you’re in Toronto on Movember 29th, make sure to ask about their Movember party for Toronto students. 
Mo Sista Jackie Lewis, a student and Mo Sista at Humber College says ‘Regardless of how Mo Sistas feel about Mo’s 11 months of the year, we all have a special man in our life that we want to take care of himself. Moustache season lets me celebrate the men in my life and push them to chat about their issues and see a doctor!’