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Network Challenges

Each year teams band together within their industry to create a network challenge. These networks create a fun and competitive environment to compete for top team in the network and showcase the collective achievement of these industries.

Here are some Movember challenges that are going down this year, get involved or contact us if you’d like to start one for your own industry - or call 1-855-4GROWMO (1-855-447-6966).


Canadian Engineering Challenge

Time to get crafty and think outside the box in this challenge for engineers from coast to coast.


The Great Canadian Mining Challenge

Where Canadian miners become moustache farmers.



Canadian Legal Mo’s

Members of the Canadian Legal community uniting in their support for men’s health.


The Oil Rig Rumble

Bringing together the Oil industry in a big way to grow Mo's and raise awareness for men's health.


Movember Insurance Challenge of Canada

Movember Insurance Challenge of Canada: Whether a broker, underwriter, appraiser or client – the MICC if for everyone in the industry.


Cross-Canada Hospitality Challenge

Bringing together restaurants, bars and their communities for some friendly competition! Grab a beer, get cooking and may the best Mo prevail.



MGPP – The Mo Grower’s Pension Plan Challenge

The Mo Grower's Pension Plan Challenge unites, for the first time in 2014, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas from Pension Plans across the country.


Canadian Music Industry Challenge

Making serious noise and coming together to change the face of men's health through music and friendly competition.


Canadian Construction Challenge

Their lip sweaters full of ice as they build the infrastructure, homes and buildings that we live, work and play in every day.


Canadian Auto Challenge

Automakers, dealerships and service providers unite to showcase the industry’s support of men’s health.



Canadian Pharmaceutical Challenge

The Mo Bro's and Mo Sista's of the Pharmaceutical industry coming together to change the face of men's health.


Agencies of Change

Using their creative wit and hard working nature to raise awareness and funds for changing the face of Men's Health.