Movember Foundation - Indigenous Knowledge Sharing

Author: Movember

On November 2, the Movember Foundation project teams from Australia, Canada, and the United States met in Vancouver BC to discuss the progress made on Movember-funded Indigenous communities projects. The teams came together to share key learnings with each other, including challenges, successes, and next steps.

One key takeaway from the meeting was that all programs need to be lead by someone within the Indigenous community. While there are similarities in culture and experiences, all communities are different and need diverse and appropriate approaches. 

A common struggle the leaders have seen within their programs is a questioning of their own culture and identity within their communities across the world. 

One of the projects discussed in the forum was The DUDEs Club, an Indigenous-community lead project out of Vancouver’s downtown eastside. The project provides events and activities that focus on the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects of wellness, as seen in the video titled Dudes Club Documentary.

Moving forward, the program leaders agreed that it is essential to remain engaged with the community as part of an Indigenous Knowledge Network (IKN), either online or in-person, in order to continue learning and adapting based on the needs of the community.