Mo Bro Adam Gosse donates to Movember on behalf of his wedding guests

The Canadian HQ had the pleasure of meeting dedicated Mo Bro Adam Gosse, who is raised funds by making a donation to Movember on behalf of his guests in lieu of traditional wedding gifts.  

Mo Team Captain's Guide 2016

Whether it's your fifth or first time leading a Movember Team, these essential resources are for every Movember captain.

The Movember Foundation takes to Parliament Hill

The Movember Foundation takes to Parliament Hill to kick off a weeklong summit in Ottawa with the Men's Depression and Suicide Network.

The Movember Foundation ranked 55 out of top 500 NGOs

For the fourth year running, we've been ranked highly among the top 500 NGOs.

Finding the gold standard for prostate cancer diagnosis

$3 Million invested a groundbreaking trial to test MRI for diagnosis

The Dudes Club: A Brotherhood for Men's Health

DUDES Club is helping indigenous men who live in low socioeconomic areas of Canada to open up about their health.

Knowing when it's time to go

After 13 years as CEO of the Movember Foundation I’ve decided it’s time to stand down.

Movember Foundation x #MoSessions

The Movember Foundation partnered with’s annual Jack Summit to host our second Movember Session.

Testicular cancer at 26. What next?

Diagnosed at 26, Andrew Carlin has some words to share on the shock of diagnosis, finding support, and what comes after.

Ben knew his nuts and saved his life

Mo Bro Ben Bowers checked his nuts in time to beat testicular cancer twice

You've Funded the Next Generation of Prostate Cancer Researchers

Thanks to your hard work, four rising stars of the prostate cancer research world have been funded!

First Charity to Receive Cult Brand Status

The Foundation is proud to announce we're the first charity to be recognised as a cult brand by The Gathering