Real Talk w/ Harry's

Author: Movember
Harry's is back as our 2015 shave partner, and to celebrate, they've designed a beautiful limited edition razor to help groom and inspire Mo growth during the hairy month. You can pick up your very own here.
Men’s health issues are hard to talk about, the stigmas men face about masculinity on a daily basis don’t make it easier to speak up either. To help break the ice around men’s health topics, Harry's have rallied manly gentleman to kickstart the conversation. Watch how they roll below, and keep up to date with Harry’s on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This gang has 2 rules: Check your prostate, and respect your bike…or else.

Turns out, one man’s junk is another man’s education in testicular care.

At this tailgate, if you want a dog on the grill, you have to get grilled on your dog.

If you don’t respect the meatballs, Head Chef gets loud. VERY LOUD.