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Jeff Riddall



Target: $1,000
Jeff has raised $3,350 since 2009.
Seems like I have more motivation every year through my family and acquaintances to grow a Mo and help build awareness around men's physical and mental health issues. I'm sure we all know someone touched by cancer, depression or other mental health concerns. This one's for Dad, Poobs, Frank, Derek and Gord Downie. Join me, won't you, in fighting back. #fuckcancer #menshealth #ItsOkToTalk


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Team captain Jeff Riddall

My Move target

0 km
Target: 270 km
Here in my 9th MoYear I'm gonna shoot for 270 km or roughly 9km per day. Booyah!

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Donation received
2 day(s) ago
from Frank Van Veen

Thank you on behalf of all prostate cancer survivors.

Donation received
2 Week(s) Ago
from Jeff Riddall

Getting these balls rolling early.

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