Randy Owens
12  year  Mo Bro


raised $6,960 since 2011
My motivation
Fundraising for cause areas including:
Men's health
Prostate cancer
Testicular cancer
Mental health and suicide prevention

I'm raising funds to help tackle cancer and mental health issues. We are all in this fight together for the quest to find cures for cancer and address the many needs of men and women with respect to their mental health. Generally, men don’t talk, at least not enough about issues surrounding mental health. If Movember can at least help with reducing the stigma attached to having conversations about mental health, improve and create programs to ease men into getting the help they need, and make it safe to do so and accessible, I feel we will go a long way to much needed improvement! Men and women will all benefit! I have many friends and family battling various forms of cancer as we speak and who are courageously taking treatment. There are so many great causes needing funds out there but I chose to help out any way that I can with this one. The small group of us at the office to date have raised over $70,000!

Thank you for considering a personal or corporate donation of any amount. If nothing else, I hope you are more little more aware and curious of the Movember organization.

I am moustache growth challenged, that’s a fact!

Sincerely & Respectfully Randy ...

How I'm
getting involved
Portage Mutual Mo Bros.
Team captain John PENNER
$0 Team funds raised
0 of 60 kilometres
I'm moving 60km this Movember for the 60 men we lose each hour of every day.
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