Award nomination: 'Suicide Notes Talk Too Late'

Auteur : Movember
Globally, one man a minute takes his own life. Three out of four suicides are men.
We know that a conversation can save a life, but too many men ‘tough it out’ and struggle on, alone. We want men to speak up before it’s too late – to talk when things get tough.
In 2016, our short film ‘Suicide Notes Talk Too Late’ captured the stories of real survivors. They urged men to take action, to have honest conversations.
‘Suicide Notes Talk Too Late’ has been nominated for a Charity Film Award, a celebration of non-profit organizations that use the power of film-making to incite audiences to action and change behaviour.
But, we need your help. To get this film seen far and wide, and to get suicide prevention the coverage it needs for behavior to change, please vote for ‘Suicide Notes Talk Too Late’, here.

“The myth that depression comes from weakness or a character flaw means many think it would never affect apparently successful people. Truth is, depression doesn’t discriminate. And, it’s not something that just goes away once you’re told, as I was, to toughen up and get on with life. Depression’s an illness that cost me my marriage, my career and very nearly my life… It doesn’t get much more serious than that.” – Graeme, Mo Bro and survivor.

We’re working year round to reduce the rate of male suicide by 25% by 2030. If you want to join the fight, please make a donation here.