Graphic saying "NON FUNGIBLE TESTICLES" featuring two anthropomorphised cartoon-like balls with cheerful human faces.
NFTs like you've never seen before.Image by: Supplied
Graphic saying "NON FUNGIBLE TESTICLES" featuring two anthropomorphised cartoon-like balls with cheerful human faces.
17 April 2022

Movember launches world’s first Non-Fungible Testicles (NFT) that could save your life

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Movember is the first charity in the world to create an NFT (non-fungible token) that encourages young men to check themselves for cancer and raise funds for vital research.

Movember’s NFT (Non-Fungible Testicles) Project sees Movember collaborating with art collective MISHKA NYC to create an exclusive collection of NFTs that will be released during April, which also marks Testicular Cancer Awareness Month.

Each NFT will evolve depending on how much you ‘check in’ on it. Owners will be rewarded for becoming familiar with their Non-Fungible Testicles, in the same way they should check their real testicles. Regular self-checks enable men to get to know what’s normal for them, so they can act quickly if something changes.

The project is aimed at creating awareness of testicular cancer risk among the NFT and crypto community of young males.

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men. When caught early, it is highly treatable and curable. However, previous Movember research has shown that more than half of men aged between 18-34 worldwide didn’t know they were in the age group most at risk. Nearly two thirds (62 per cent) of this group didn’t know how to carry out a self-examination.

Proceeds from the sale of the NFTs will support testicular cancer research, namely the multi-national TIGER trial which has been designed to determine which therapy works best for men who've been treated for testicular cancer, but in whom the cancer has returned.

Dan Cooper Director of Innovation at Movember said: “The dynamic nature of NFTs and blockchain technology allows for new fun and innovative ways to reach men and encourage behaviour change.

“Owners will be rewarded for checking their Non-Fungible Testicles, like you should do with your own. It’s the first NFT collection we know of that could save a life. It’s also a fun way to own a unique piece of artwork from our partners MISHKA NYC and join a unique community of likeminded collectors and NFT owners.

Details of how to own and support the project will be released in Movember’s NFT Discord channel, and shared on Movember’s Twitter.

NFTs from Movember’s Non-Fungible Testicles Project will be stored on the Solana blockchain due to the lower environmental impact and ease of entry.

Watch the video for more info on how they work.