Scott Bradbury
10  year  Mo Bro


Target: $1,000
raised $19,806 since 2013
My motivation
Fundraising for cause areas including:
Prostate cancer
Mental health and suicide prevention

To improve awareness, one 'stache
at a time!
Having family history of prostate cancer also lights a fire but there is more to this cause...
Mental health and suicide prevention is hard to talk about, especially in my industry; let's have those conversations.
Get checked; get serious. Mo for the cure.

How I'm
getting involved
Team captain Scott Bradbury
$0 Team funds raised
0 of 60 kilometres
I'm moving 60km this Movember for the 60 men we lose each hour of every day.
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79 Week(s) Ago
Donation from:
Scott Bradbury
79 Week(s) Ago
Donation from:
Scott Bradbury
79 Week(s) Ago
Donation from:
Kelvin Luedtke

Great work Scott for a super important initiative! Keep the Mo movin’, you’r da man! Thanks for opportunity to be a small part.

79 Week(s) Ago
Donation from:
Kelvin Luedtke

Great work Scott for a super important initiative! Keep the Mo movin’, you’r da man! Thanks for opportunity to be a small part.

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80 Week(s) Ago

DID YOU KNOW, Mo Bros & Mo Sisters who use Facebook Fundraising raise 180% more funds?

You can activate it on your page in 3 clicks and all funds raised through Facebook will appear on your Mo Space. Check out the video below...

Previous year's activities
83 Week(s) Ago
I walked 4 km

After work walk with the best listener around. Not so good at giving advise though…

187 Week(s) Ago

Raffle tickets now available at D53 and the College (Use of Force Section).

This beauty could be yours!!

Traeger Pro 34 with cover, pellets and more!!

$5 each
$10 for 3 tickets
$20 for 10 tickets

Special thanks to “”.

Good luck.

187 Week(s) Ago

They’re BACK! The official Follicle Force Movember bottle opener. Fresh off the grinder. Super limited supply (only 20)

Perfect for Christmas stockings!!

Yes... I went there!! Sorry but it’s supposed to snow today

236 Week(s) Ago

Did my rounds today in one of the final pushes for the Mo.

Almost SOLD OUT of the Follicle Force “Thug”.

Have to say a big thanks to the TPA and Director Pete Grande.

Be well all.

239 Week(s) Ago

Way to get your Mo on with Michael Wekerle Glen!!!

Glen’s guitar is up for auction on eBay and has been signed by THREE music legends:

Kris Kristofferson, Rawney Hawkins and Gordon Lightfoot

239 Week(s) Ago

Check out this AMAZING item donated by Michael Wekerle.

That’s right! A guitar signed by THREE music legends:

Ronnie Hawkins, Kris Kristofferson and Gordon Lightfoot.

It’s on eBay and all proceeds go to Movember.

Also a special thanks to Glenn Dhruv for setting this up.

Be well everyone and MO on...

240 Week(s) Ago

Look who else it getting their Mo on with Follicle-Force this year!!

Michael Weckerle - Thanks for your support and encouragement for our 2018 Campaign. The guitar will be a huge help! Stay tuned for details everyone!!

241 Week(s) Ago

Great day for team Follicle-Force!! Met with Wendel Clark at his Whiskey release today. One time offering of his special "Bold and Tenacious" blend. Expect to see a signed bottle in our raffle this year. Lets get mo'ing...

287 Week(s) Ago

2017 Platinum Club Reward

Who knows... this could lead to me quitting my day job!! Then again.

289 Week(s) Ago

Just shaved a stache in TPA Brian Callanan’s head. He helped raise $1000 for us and sacrificed his melon for us!!

Thanks Brian!!

289 Week(s) Ago

Just made Platinum ($1000 Mark)!!

Woo hoo!!

289 Week(s) Ago

Mid Movember video update at Mo-HQ today. Stay tuned for the video.

Also, we are well on our way to being top Canadian Police Movember team.

Keep it up!!

mo-ver and out!

289 Week(s) Ago

Malcolm Young of AC/DC has passed away. He suffered for years with dementia and will be missed.

Mental Health is often quietly talked about. I suggest, in the spirit of Rock and Roll and memory of Malcolm, we change that and crank the volume knob to 11 !!

Have those conversations and be healthy!!

Mo-ver and out!

290 Week(s) Ago

Hey all! An important video for us all.
Especially considering that a close friend just had one of his removed! Good thing he knows his nuts!!
Get familiar and get checked.
Mo-ver and out!

290 Week(s) Ago

Mo-sista support!!

290 Week(s) Ago

290 Week(s) Ago

Finally got my pair of Babsocks Movember edition!

Can’t wait to rock these puppies!!

292 Week(s) Ago

Thanks for the welcome, Scott! Reppin' Court Services here - for the 7th year! Be well and happy fundraising!

MoBro Wilson

293 Week(s) Ago

Time to start signing up! Grow the Mo! Raise awareness! Join the Toronto Police Follicle Force team.

Note: As donations can be made privately, not all donations are displayed to the public.