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Chris Houston


Target: $5,000
Chris has raised $4,830 since 2012.

My motivation

This year I'm looking to take my fundraising efforts to the next level.

As part of that, I'm going to be participating in the New York Marathon, 2019, as a proud member of the Movember team.

A healthy, active lifestyle is a key to improved mental health.

Hopefully, running 42.2 will inspire others to follow my lead and run more often.

If you needed any further motivation please read below, the mental health of today's men is an epidemic we need to address before it gets worse.

Globally, the rate of suicide is alarmingly high, particularly in men. Too many men are ‘toughing it out’, keeping their feelings to themselves and struggling in silence. The Movember Foundation is aiming to reduce the rate of male suicide by 25% by 2030, and I want to help them get there. Help me stop men dying too young.



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Brad Smith

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