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Whether you’re a mom and pop shop or global organization, Movember unites a workplace with one goal in mind, having fun while raising funds and awareness for men’s health. Here’s how you can build the Movember movement in your workplace.

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Don’t Mo Alone

Use internal communications (newsletters, emails etc.) at work to recruit your co-workers or clients.

Grow a Mo for 30 days

We grow real Mo’s for Movember. For inspiration, post our style guide around the office hallways.


To make change, we need to raise it! Get to know your Mo Space, it’s your fundraising HQ complete with all the tools you need to ask friends, family and co-workers to donate and support your Mo growth.


Create fun competitions around fundraising between offices, clients, and vendors. Take a look here for some challenges already underway at organizations across the country.


Take pride in your Mo growing efforts by hosting a Mo Party or joining other Mo Bros and Mo Sistas at an official Movember Gala Parté – the costume party you’ve been growing for.


We’ve met some very passionate Mo business teams over the years. Get some inspiration from a couple below by reading about their story!


Dollar matching is a simple way for companies to encourage and support their staff and Movember is happy to help with that process. Any company that commits to match staff donations will be recognized on the Movember website with their logo link to their company site. There are two different ways to make this happen –

1) When you donate to Movember, your company may be able to match your donations, doubling what you’re able to raise!

2) When you finish your fundraising efforts your company may choose to match your personal or team fundraising total.

Talk to your finance or HR department to see what is possible.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to use for different Mo ideas, or to share your businesses Mo story! We want to hear from you.


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