What is Movember?

Movember is a movement for men's health. For 30 days in the month formerly known as November, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas rally to support the cause, get people talking and raise funds. There are two ways to participate: grow your moustache for 30 days, or take the MOVE challenge and get active each day for 30 days. Some Mo Bros do both! Together we're tackling some of the biggest health issues faced by men – prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity.

How can your school get in on the action?

Get your friends, classmates and teachers on board and organize into teams to see who can grow the best moustache, MOVE more, or raise the most funds. Can the chess club beat the hockey team to the highest fundraising target? Who'll grow the biggest Mo's – the English teachers or the science teachers?

Spread the Movember spirit with a Mo party, charity auction or sports match. We'll lend a hand to make sure your Movember campaign is a memorable one.

1. Start a team

When you sign up, create a team (or join an existing one) to kick things off.

2. Spread the word

Contact clubs, committees, student and teacher groups to tell them you're doing Movember. Invite the whole school to join you!

3. Plan something big

Go big or go home. You'll have more fun and raise more money if you hold memorable events throughout the month.

Need ideas? Check out these Movember legends from years past.

Like Lakefield College School teams, who duct taped some lucky students to the wall. Last one stuck wins Movember donations!

Try something weird

Like the Delta Mo Raiders, who photoshopped moustaches onto local ambassador’s photos and tweeted at them using the account @MousTAGGED to gather donations.

Go public

Like Dalhousie University, who keep it simple while staying active and fundraising for Movember. A round robin, 10 team road hockey tournament.


Bonus event ideas

Start a Movember Athletics Club

Organize a student vs. teacher dodgeball tournament

Hold a shave down party

Have a teacher vs teacher moustache grow-off

Throw a Mo Parte

Resources to help you out

We want your Movember to be a raging success. If you're in need of ideas or assistance, get in touch.

Are you leading the charge on campus?


Or just need general advice?

1-855-4GROWMO (1-855-447-6966) or 416-591-7771


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