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Mitch Hermansen - Movember HQ

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Objectif: $ 10.000
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Ma motivation

This year my goal is to raise $10,000 for men’s mental health.

Why am I doing this? Well, I never got to meet my grandfather. He died by suicide when I was only a few months old. To this day I often wonder what I missed out on. What I could have learned from him. What memories could have been made with my grandfather if things had been different.

So this is for him.

With 3/4 of all suicides being by men, it’s unfortunately not an uncommon story. Poor mental health is a killer, and it’s hitting the men in our lives. I want this swim, and my moustache, to be a symbol that gets people talking about it.

Please donate if you‘d like to help me reach my $10,000 goal.

Mo Love and thank you.

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