Jingle Jam 2023

The world’s biggest charity gaming event is back

Movember is proud to be one of the charity partners of Jingle Jam, streaming 1-14 December. Find out how you can get involved in the global gaming event, all while doing good for men's health.

What's Jingle Jam?

Jingle Jam brings together the global gaming community for an epic event running from Dec 1 – Dec 14. Broadcast live worldwide, the event is all about having a good time and raising funds to make the world a better place.

Since 2011, the event has raised $25M for a range of causes, showcasing the generosity of gamers, streamers, publishers and developers. Anyone who tunes into this year’s wild and wonderful stream and donates £35 or more will receive the coveted Jingle Jam games collection.

Alongside the main stream, creators can host their own Jingle Jam stream for one of the selected charities. They then have the opportunity to reward their donors with the games collection.

Photo of excited gamers on a couch, enthusiastically getting into a live stream for Movember.

How can I get involved?

Host a stream

Be a part of history and host your own Movember Jingle Jam livestream on Twitch or YouTube. Sign up here to create your fundraising page.

Tune into the feed

Tune into the Jingle Jam stream from Dec 1 – Dec 14, share and donate – don’t forget that a £35+ donation gets you the Jingle Jam 23 Games Collection. The stream will be live on the Twitch front page, or check it out at twitch.tv/yogscast.

How to set up your Movember stream

Follow these three simple steps to get your stream up and running.


1. Sign up

Sign up for your Movember Jingle Jam fundraiser here (registrations close on 14 December 2023).


2. Pick your challenge

Pick your streaming challenge. It can be anything. Think big and go bigger. Be ambitious and enlist the help of your friends & followers to help you smash your hair-raising stream. Plan incentives, forfeits and challenges and set milestones to drive up donations.


3. Kick-off the donations

Donate £35 GBP or more to your campaign to get the Jingle Jam 2023 games collection – over 80 games worth £1,000. This offer applies to anyone who donates to your fundraiser too.

Where the money goes

Check out some of the ways in which your efforts fund game-changing men's health projects.

Movember Conversations logo
Movember Conversations

Starting conversations with men who are struggling may seem daunting. But getting them to open up can be easier with practice.

Gamers Vs. Depression logo
Gamers Vs. Depression

Gamers vs. Depression is a Movember project led by an international team of psychologists. The goal is for every gamer to have support available during a crisis without the need to ask for help.

Movember Ahead Of The Game logo
Ahead Of The Game

Movember Ahead of the Game teaches players, parents, coaches and volunteers to understand mental health, build mental fitness and strengthen resilience. Players learn how to deal with challenges in both sport and life.