Mo Bro Hayden TrickerImage by: Movember
21 October 2022

Why I Mo: Hayden Tricker

Mo Bro
Hayden Tricker
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When I was little, my dad would grow out his moustache for the month of November in support. At the time, I didn't really understand what Movember was or what it represented. I was envious of those who were able to grow facial hair and I didn't understand why it was just for men. I later found out that I was wrong, anyone can participate and help save a bro.

Since I came out transgender 2 years ago, what I looked forward to most in my transition was growing facial hair to help me look and feel "manlier". Every time I look in the mirror and see my moustache getting darker, thicker and longer it brings me so much joy and euphoria. I am so proud of myself for embracing who I am and having the courage to live in my truth and modelling to people around the world that it is possible.

To me the Mo represents not going through life in silence and alone. I've been there, life gets hard sometimes. But it doesn't help anyone if you don't speak up about how you feel or let anyone in about what you're going through inside.

" My motivation for supporting Movember is to spread awareness by redefining what it's like to "be a man" emotionally and physically. "

For many men, I know it can be hard to seek or ask for help due to fear of being perceived as weak. But this needs to change. Globally, one man dies by suicide every minute of every day, with males accounting for 75% of all suicides. We need to have more open conversations with each other about our mental health and wellbeing and stop suffering alone.

The brotherhood within Movember is what inspires me most. Everyone looks out for each other, being able to be who you are without judgement, being accepted no matter what your race, skin colour, sexuality, or identity is. And bringing countries and communities together all around the world to change the face of men's health.

I hope my Mo will start conversations about mental health. Hopefully with me being open and vulnerable about my journey and showing support, others will feel safe enough to stand up as well for men's health and talk about their journey.

My message to others when it comes to men's health is to encourage those around you to open up, let everything you've been holding onto out, connect with your emotions, go inward and face your shadows and be the support you needed or wanted for someone else to do the same. That's where real healing begins.

And for anyone who is growing their first Mo for Movember? I'd say patience is key -- not everyone is blessed from the moustache Gods. But welcome to the team! You’re going to help so many by participating and making an impact on men’s lives.

Support Hayden’s efforts to raise funds and awareness for men’s health.