September 14th, 2015

Here are a few tips to get you raising some dough with your Mo

Fundraising 101
As a grassroots movement, the Movember Foundation is only as strong as our community and its efforts to raise funds. The thought of running a personal fundraising campaign can be daunting, but here are a few tips to get you raising some dough with your Mo.

Donate to Yourself
This may sound obvious, but it is a key first step to your campaign. By starting things off with a personal donation, you are showing the people you're asking to donate that the skin on your upper lip isn’t the only skin you have in the game. A good trick is to ask people to match your initial donation.

Make the Ask
Many Mo’s haven’t had fundraising experience before so it’s important to stress sending at least one email out to friends and family asking for donations. We even have pre-drafted emails on your Mo Space that you can copy, paste, and send if you’d like a template. Take some time to make it personal though; a personal appeal goes a lot further than a bulk email. Lastly, a little PDA never hurt anyone... publicly celebrate someone’s donation to you on your social media channels.

Set Goals
Goal setting gives you and your team something to strive for, but also gives donors an incentive to give because everyone loves to make dreams come true. Take some time to send out weekly update emails that document your moustache growth and fundraising efforts.

A Little Competition
Create a friendly competition within your own team or with another team. While one team can subjectively say their moustaches were better than yours, you can objectively point to the fundraising scoreboard to set the record straight... and maybe put a little dinner or a trophy on the line too.

Say Thank You
We can’t say it enough: a little gratitude goes a long way. Take the time to write a thank you card for any donation you received...maybe throw in a picture of your upper lip for fun.

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