November 2nd, 2014

You've signed up, now get your Mo journey started with these seven steps.

7 Steps to Get Started

First off – give yourself a pat on the back. There, you deserve that. You’re committing to change the face of men’s health and that’s pretty awesome. Now we want to set you up for success by providing you with a few tips as you set out on your hairy journey of fundraising.
1. Ready your Mo Space
This is your fundraising HQ, so make the place look neat and tidy. Pimp that page up a little by adding pictures of your moustache progress. Let the world know your motivation as well, and then customize your Mo Space URL so it’s easy for your donors to find you.
2. Past Campaigns Section
We all know history repeats itself. If you’ve registered as a Mo Bro or Mo Sista in previous years then head over to the Past Campaigns tab on your Mo Space. That will show you who donated to you before, and which of your team members is taking part again. Hit up those old friends for another contribution.
3. Rally your team
Unite your moustaches. It’s easier to raise funds when you have friends and family helping to shoulder the load. Rally up some support and get by with a little help from your friends. Need proof?
4. Donate to yourself of a friend
Lead the way with donations by sending some money your own way, or swap donations with a fellow Mo Bro or Mo Sista. That’ll get your campaign off the ground, set the bar, and get you en route to your fundraising goal.
5. Spread the word
Mo Bros and Mo Sistas are the kind of people that make things happen. So get the word out there, tell the world what you’re doing, and start health conversations. That’ll help you get more donations. Check out the right side of your Mo Space and share your Mo on social networks and email as well.
6. Know why you Mo
Educate yourself on the Mo causes – have a read over where our money goes so you can tell your friends about our projects to change the face of men’s health.
7. Party On
Running an event or party is a great way to persuade people to part with their cash in aid of the Mo. It’s also a good way to raise a good chunk of money in one go, and it’s fun. Everyone’s a winner. There are lots of options, from MOVE events, to cake sales. We’ll help out.