November 9th, 2012

Mo Bro Ken Vokey continues this fight for us on the front lines of Afghanistan. 

Mo Bro Spotlight: Ken Vokey

Remembrance Day marks a time when we Canadians keep in mind those who lost their lives in order to protect our freedoms. Today, Mo Bro Ken Vokey continues this fight for us on the front lines of Afghanistan. Despite being over 6,000 miles away from home, Ken arms himself with a pretty mean Mo each Movember. He has been away from his wife and family for eight months now and will returns mid-Movember. Just in time to celebrate his Movember journey at the Halifax Gala Parté at the end of the month.
This is Ken’s second year as a Mo Bro; last year his team raised $1,400, with Ken winning a $500 donation from Investors Group Fredericton for best Movember picture.  Ken’s 2011 Gala costume was dedicated to Dr. Phil, complete with a half shaved head to match!  “I feel that by being a part of the Movember team I make a small, yet necessary contribution to a worthwhile cause,” Said Ken.
Bringing awareness to men’s mental health is something that Ken stands proudly behind and supports.  “With myself being in the military and serving in a warzone for my second time I am more than aware of post traumatic stress disorder, which is a mental health condition many of my friends suffer from,” Said Ken.  “There are just so many speed bumps in the road of life its more than any single individual can bear, that's why we all have to stick together as a team.” 
We salute you Ken and can’t wait to see you at the Hali Gala.