July 9th, 1971

Two Edmonton Mo Bro’s made a huge difference in changing the face of men’s health, and men’s faces in general around Canada.


Mo Bro Spotlight - Mike Miller and Ryan Branting
Turn back the clock 6 years, and Movember was merely November in Canada and upper lips were bare. Movember, born in Australia, was beginning to thrive and roam over borders, but had yet to reach Canadian soil in an official capacity. Movember only goes where it is asked, and Michael Miller and Ryan Branting of Edmonton made the call.

Ryan spent a few years living in Perth, Australia and was exposed to the magic of Movember, but never really got involved. Upon moving home he told his best friend Mike about the tremendous fundraising efforts and marvels of moustachery he had witnessed. They agreed Canada could go for a bit of Mo. They emailed Movember CEO and Co-founder Adam Garone and this was the beginning of Movember in Canada.

“I fell in love with Movember because of what it’s all about – a light hearted way to open up an avenue for men to discuss something as serious as prostate cancer and their own health. It has been amazing being apart of a global movement that has such a huge impact in breaking down the barriers that so many men put up about discussing their health.” - Ryan Branting

Prostate cancer research has a special place in Mike’s heart, like many others, he lost his grandfather to the disease. “Before Movember nobody was talking about this disease that takes so many grandfathers, fathers, brothers, uncles and sons. Movember means the world to me.” Says Mike. His deep rooted connection doesn’t stop Mike from also enjoying the fun parts of Movember, though “Movember allows me to be a different person for a month. There’s a little more attitude, a confidence that comes out when I’m wearing my mo”.

This year Canada has raised over 39 million dollars.

Thank-you Mike and Ryan for leading the charge and bringing the mighty Mo to our great land. Men’s upper lips and health in this great land are forever grateful.