June 11th, 2020

The best dadvice I ever got

Pearls of wit and wisdom from the men who made us who we are.
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This Father’s Day, in honour of dads and father figures everywhere, we’re sharing some of our favourite Dadvice – those pearls of wit and wisdom from the men we love and those we’ve lost.

From everyday mantras, to life lessons, to winning dance moves, we’re deep diving into that special brand of guidance dads are famous for.

Movember’s mission is to keep fathers, partners, brothers and sons around for as long as possible. To hear their Dadvice and watch them pass it down through generations. This Father’s Day, donate to stop the men we love from dying too young.

Here’s some of our favourite Dadvice shared from our Mo Bros and Mo Sisters. We want to hear from you too - what’s the best Dadvice you ever got? Just follow the instructions for sharing.

  1. Dig out an old school childhood photograph or current day photo with you and your father figure. Moustaches are a bonus.
  2. Post on Father's Day alongside a quote of the best 'Dadvice' you ever got. Could be words of wisdom, wit or all out random.
  3. Tag @Movember #Movember #Dadvice
  4. Challenge your friends to do the same.

“When hearing someone speak look for the similarities and not the differences” - Jason O'Mara

"Never let the noise of life keep you from hearing the beat of your own drummer.” - Jenna Lawson

“Do your best, and evaluate your best by your own scale.” - Stephen Coulter

“I feel I will never fill my dad’s shoes, but I know I will never stop trying.” - Mary Simoneau

“He taught me that just because you don’t know how to do something yet, doesn’t mean you can’t do it.” - Guy Gulotta-Gold

"Anything is always possible." - Ryan Levenberg

“There's always something to do.” - Nooks Lindell

“Dad didn't like to share how he was feeling, or appear "weak." He was a very positive person and decided to see the good in things through everything that he went through. June 2nd marked a year since we lost him to suicide. We want to make sure that other men like our father feel comfortable to share their emotions with the ones that they love.” - Andrew Reeves

This Father’s Day, donate to stop the men we love from dying too young.