November 16th, 2016

As a 40 year old member of the USA Wakeboard Team, staying in shape means so much more than just going to the gym.

How I Move: Chad Lowe
Chad Lowe is a professional wakeboarder and first-time Mo Bro in 2016. Chad is really excited to rally with the Movember Foundation in helping Mo Bros and Mo Sistas make the most of their Move challenge this month.

As a 40 year old athlete it is critical for me to stay in the best shape that I can, and that doesn't mean the "gym in shape" everyone thinks about. This is staying on top of my annual physical, eating clean, making healthy lifestyle choices, and limiting stress in my life. A few things that I do that in order to keep myself performing at the level of an elite are:
Workout: I am an avid gym goer, and have a personal performance coach to help reach my  fitness potential.  But I face many obstacles in journey to peak performance levels.  The main issue I have is travel.  As a wakeboarder and wakeboard coach I am often on the road for weeks at a time, and not near a gym.  That’s why I always travel with a few of my favorite travel workout pieces.  My TRX is packed into my board bag on every trip, along with my TRX RIP Trainer, mini bands, and foam roller. 
Eating: As I have gotten older I have seen the direct correlation between age and metabolism. A few things that I have done to help combat getting older and a slowing metabolism are: limit my sugar intake, limit alcohol, eat only organic-raised protein, and increase my vegetable intake. 
Regeneration: Stress is real killer, and it can be almost always avoided. I make sure to treat my body as well as I can.  That means getting massages regularly, and if I can’t get in for a massage, I will use my foam roller or TP therapy kit.  I also don’t watch TV in my bedroom and make sure I get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Traveling so much it’s easy to fall into the toxic living of fast-food, lack of sleep, and over-drinking, so I make sure that I take time to relax after my travels, have some mellow time at my house and get back into clean healthy living. 
I think the best tip that can give to anyone when it comes to staying active in your 30-40s is to realize that your body needs to treated better and maintained more than it did in your 20’s. Don't try to go out and be 20 again. Act your age and never stop moving.

Join Chad in taking a stand for men's health by signing up to Move or donating to men's health