October 15th, 2016

Whether it's your fifth or first time leading a Movember Team, these essential resources are for every Movember captain.

Mo Team Captain's Guide 2016

Thank you for signing up to be a Movember Captain this year. Here in our humble Movember headquarters, our job is not to “run” this campaign but simply provide support to amazing community members much like yourselves. The reality is we couldn’t do what we do without your passion, commitment and ongoing support. You are our champions, our rockstars. The team at Mo HQ hopes that the below resources will make your life as a Movember Captain easier and more fun than ever before. Whether it's your fifth or first time leading a Movember Team, these essential resources are for every Movember captain. We wish you the best of luck on your Movember journey this year. Thanks for being a part of the Movember family.

The Official Captain's Toolkit

We've traveled far and wide to gather and assemble the best practices of running a successful and fun Movember campaign. In this toolkit we provide practical advice on how to make this Movember your best yet. Mo On my friend!

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Communication Plan

As a Movember captain, much of your recruiting and ongoing communication to team members will be done via email. Check out an assortment of fun, light and effective emails that you can send out throughout October & November. These are just drafts, so feel free to modify and/or tweak as you please.

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Captain's Presentation

One of the best things you can do as a captain is host a Movember Launch presentation or Lunch 'n Learn. Use this powerpoint and talking points to educate and recruit new Mos to join you on the hairy journey. Detailed speaking notes are also available below.

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Presentation Speaking Notes

Detailed speaking notes to help you speak about the cause like the Movember legend that you are.

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Fundraising Toolkit

Send this toolkit to your team to inspire, motivate and activate their fundraising efforts.

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Reaching Out To Past Donors

The best thing you and your team can do to raise funds is email the people that have donated to you in the past. Check out this walk through to see how we made reaching out to past donors SO EASY for you. Now spread the word and get your team members to do the same.

Download walk through

Movember Canada – 10 Projects in Action

Knowledge is power, so every captain needs to know about the game-changing work the Movember Foundation is funding. Here’s 10 highlights of the over 250 projects funded in Canada. Check it out and then tell you fellow Mo’s and donors!

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Did we miss anything in this guide? Send us a note at MoCaptain@movember.com. We'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and suggestions.