July 9th, 1971

Movember is honored to have Jesse Hughes, front man for the Eagles of Death Metal, on board as an official ambassador.

Movember's New Rockin' Ambassador

Jesse Hughes is a founding member of the internationally admired band, Eagles of Death Metal. Created in 1998, with Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme, they remain one of the most popular acts ever to fly the flag for leather jackets and rock and roll. Fact.


Jesse, of course, is a star for a number of reasons; not least his swagger, his guitar licks, and his effortless cool. But have you seen his moustache? It’s like the tawny, proud wings of a, well, an eagle.


Not only is Jesse striving to encourage guys across the globe to take a good, hard look at their health habits; he’s also here to show you just how to grow such a Mo, by putting forward his impressively adorned upper lip as a paragon of moustachery.


This is going to be fun.