November 14th, 2015

Q&A with Burt Reynolds — Mo Mentor, moustache icon, and celebrated actor (and author!)

Mo Mentor Burt Reynolds

Mo Mentor, moustache icon, and celebrated actor, Burt Reynolds took the time to answer some Movember questions and share his wisdom with us. He has a new book out, BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME, and we can't wait to read all his amazing stories and everyone he dishes about. 

1. What is the best piece of advice you ever received? Who was it from?
“Don’t quit!” It was from my dad—he was an amazing man. Our generation, every generation, needs more men like him. I learned a lot from my son Quinton, too—he is wise beyond his years. I cannot tell you how amazing he is.
2. You are a vibrant 79 years old, are there any health tips or life secrets you can share?
Eat well, stay active, and MOVE around. I get up in the morning and read a few newspapers every day, and stay active with various projects, and teaching my class—if you stop any of those things you could have problems.
3. Can you remember when your perception of men’s health changed?
I was always very conscious of it. As an athlete, I saw that the guys on the football team who smoked and drank couldn’t keep up the pace during games, so it was pretty obvious early on. I always took pretty good care of myself but when I had the TMJ problem after the broken jaw in City Heat, I really started being more aware of it.
4. You have a new book coming out called BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME. Among other stories, you dish on the women you romanced. What do the ladies think of the moustache? Any funny stories to share?
Dinah Shore thought she liked it but wasn’t sure, and Farrah loved it most of all. But I will tell you this—it seems to have taken on a life of its own. Here we are talking about it right now as if it’s some sort of separate entity. It may actually be one!
5. In the book you also recount the story of how you decided to grow and eventually keep the moustache. Can you give us an abbreviated version?
I had to grow a moustache for 100 Rifles in 1968 and that was fine because I was tired of hearing that I looked like Marlon Brando. I shaved it off one night on The Tonight Show when Steve Martin was the guest host. I called for a razor and shaved half of it off and asked the audience to vote. They liked the moustache better. Of course I had to shave the other half off in that moment, and couldn't wait for it to grow back. I’ve kept it ever since, and it’s so much a part of me now, if I shave it off, I feel like I’ve lost my nose.
6. What’s the best grooming advice you’ve ever received?
Cary Grant told me to always wear cologne and aftershave and he gave me a bottle of Gendarme. I still wear it to this day.
7. What’s one of the most interesting men’s health conversations you’ve ever had?
This was also with Cary Grant. People used to make jokes about me being virile, but here was a guy who had his first child when he was 75, which was pretty much unheard of—so I asked him about it he told me “Burt, a guy like you will always keep it up!” He was right.