October 25th, 2015

The greatest time of the year is almost upon us—here's how to make sure you're ready to Mo. 

What You Need to Know Before You Mo

So you’ve stocked up on moustache wax, dusted off your running shoes and you’re ready for action. What else do you need to do before Movember 1st? 

Complete your Mo Space page

Take a minute to deck out your Mo Space page with photos, write down your motivation and set a target for the month.

When that’s done you can start sharing the link to your fundraising page far and wide, safe in the knowledge that it looks awesome. 

Growing a Mo? Grow it right

There are only a few rules in Movember, but they’re vital.
Rule 1: Start clean-shaven on Movember 1st. 
Rule 2: No beards, no goatees. We're all about the Mo.
For the rest, check out The Rules

Your moustache is your hairy billboard for the month. Have you decided what you’re going to grow – confident you can outdo Selleck himself, or shooting for a modest Wisp? If you’re undecided, take a look at the Movember Style Guide for some hairy inspiration. Then head over to the Moustachery page for grooming tips and Mo Facts.

Taking the MOVE challenge?

Start your warm-up. MOVE is all about trying something new, pushing yourself and getting active. Have you thought about what you’ll do each day? Make sure you download the MOVE calendar.

Share Mo Wisdom

If you’ve got a Movember tip or a hairy plan for the month ahead, get talking. That’s what the comments are for.