Oil Rig Rumble ChallengeImage by: Movember
17 November 2022

The Oil Rig Rumble Continues to Dig Deep

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What does the month of Movember mean to you?

Is It a chance to check-In on your mental health? A reminder to get your prostate checked?

For the Oil & Gas industry, Movember means the Oil Rig Rumble. A 30-day challenge created to unite the Industry for men's health awareness while competing for fundraising glory against names big and small across the sector.

And with over $410,000 raised by +1,000 people across 53 industry teams, the Oil Rig Rumble is on pace to have it's largest (and hairiest) campaign in over a decade.


But don't let the cheeky moustaches fool you, participants in this challenge are here to make a serious difference for men's health, specifically: mental health and suicide prevention, prostate and testicular cancer.

With higher rates of suicide, experiences of poor mental health, and 78% of workers identifying as male, the Oil Rig Rumble represents a time to invest in the industry’s most valuable asset – its workforce and its people.

SECURE Energy’s VP of Operations, Greg Filipchuk, shares his motivation for why he Mo’s:

Movember is important to me as I was first drawn to it through personal loss of a family member from prostate cancer. Over the years, mental health has been more and more important as we need to focus and ensure men, and women, all take care of themselves.

Everyone walks different paths but talking to each other helps clear the path when there are obstacles. At SECURE, we are promoting Movember to reinforce awareness to our employees of the importance of mental wellness and the support we have in place for them."


With the Oil Rig Rumble trophy still up for grabs, it’s not too late to join Greg in this challenge to change the face of men’s health.

A good way to re-charge your fundraising batteries is to remind yourself why you're doing this. You're supporting life-changing mental health programs, groundbreaking research, innovative health projects, and scientific breakthroughs for cancer treatments.


To date, the Movember community has funded over 1,250 men’s health projects across more than 20 countries. Plus, with 80% of funds being directed to men's health projects In 2021, you can be confident that your funds are working hard for the cause - – here are a few examples of where the money goes.

  1. Better conversations - Men sometimes aren’t comfortable reaching out about challenges they’re facing. Our new digital tool gives you the confidence to have better conversations with the men in your life who may be struggling. Try it here.
  2. Speeding up clinical trials - New prostate cancer treatments could reach men sooner, thanks to a Movember-supported project that aims to speed up clinical trials by two years. Find out more.
  3. Funding the world’s first subarctic mental health and addiction centre - We officially launched the Churchill Wellness Centre to serve an area that has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. The centre focuses on providing much-needed mental health and well-being support to local Indigenous men. Find out more.


How close are you to your target? How about your team’s combined target?

Don’t just be satisfied with getting over the finish line – go big and Mo for gold. Use these tips to have a strong final push for the bragging right and Oil Rig Rumble title.

  • Why you Mo – Remind your supporters about the work Movember does. Do you have a personal motivation that you can share?
  • Throw down a challenge: Share this new Oil Rig Rumble video to excite and inspire your colleagues and fellow Mo Bros and Mo Sisters to get involved and give back to the cause. Find video files here.
  • Mo the extra mile – What will you do to hit your target? Would you dye your Mo or keep it until Christmas? Sneak in a one-week push up challenge? What about wearing a rivals hockey team jersey to work? What would your donors give to see you Mo further?
  • Gift Matching – Many organizations offer this as part of their corporate social responsibility, matching donations for a worthy cause. Ask a colleague in HR if they do gift matching to help your team reach your goal.

We’re nearly there so let’s make these last few days count. Now’s the time to dig deep.

Sign up or donate to the challenge here.