Trey RichardsImage by: Max Rosenstein
16 November 2020

STōK Cold Brew Canada is ‘SToK’ing a Conversation’ about Men’s Mental Health

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The impact of societal stigma on men’s overall wellbeing is both significant and jarring. To help drive awareness on the issue, STōK Cold Brew Canada has partnered with Movember to create “Stok’ing A Conversation”, a video series intended to fuel the conversation around men’s mental health. The videos feature two notable Canadian men – fashion entrepreneur and comedian Trey Richards, and renowned chef Sean MacDonald who get real, and share their own experiences with mental health with the intention of inspiring others to open up.

The first video in the "Stok'ing A Conversation" series features Canadian comedian and fashion entrepreneur Trey Richards: "As men we don't really get taught to talk about our feelings. It's very important to open up."

The second video features Canadian chef, entrepreneur, and restaurant owner, Sean MacDonald. Sean opens up about the mental health challenges he has faced as a chef and business owner during the pandemic.

In addition to the video, SToK Canada will be donating $15,000 of its proceeds from November product sales to Movember. Bottles of SToK Cold Brew (available in the refrigerated aisle of most retailers across the country) will be affixed with detachable moustaches to celebrate the promotion and will be available in store starting October 21, 2020 until the end of November.

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