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17 September 2020


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They say that many hands make light work. Those many hands also help make Movember campaigns as inclusive, fun and impactful as possible. The tips below will help you to successfully rally the troops for an epic Movember experience.

TELL YOUR STORY - Be open, vulnerable and honest. Let people know why it’s important to you that they get involved with the Movember campaign. In addition to sharing your personal motivation as you recruit, it also important to ensure your invite to join is clear and that it includes a URL link to your team page.

REMIND THEM OF WHY - Beneath all those cheeky Movember moustaches is a serious why: men are dying 6 years younger than women. When you recruit people to join your team let them know that the dollars they raise are invested in world-leading prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health and suicide prevention research, treatment and programs.

" Each November, I encourage my coworkers to join me in making a difference. "

"Each November, I encourage my coworkers to join me in making a difference. I make it personal. Anyone that visits my Movember page learns that I participate because my moustached dad died of cancer at 54; I want to help families have more years with their dads.

I also recruit by scouting out the upper lips of people in my building that appear to be growing moustaches early in November. Often I find guys are growing moustaches, but haven’t registered with Movember and don’t know about the Men’s Health aspect of the campaign. By reaching out and recruiting these guys, it helps unify the message and extend the fellowship."

Mo Bro Mark, RBC Movember Co-Captain

BE CONFIDENT - Speak at a weekly team meeting, or socializing with your colleagues during happy hour, let them know about how they can get involved. Word of mouth (in-person or over zoom) is still one of the most efficient ways to grow your team. Be confident in your ask, you got this.

GET MO SISTERS ON BOARD - Make sure to engage the women in the office and let them know the ways that can get involved. Some of the best Movember teams are lead by remarkable Mo Sisters. 

RECRUIT RECRUITERS - Now that you’ve successfully recruited a new teammate, make sure to ask them to help. You’ve recruited them, now you need them to recruit someone else. If they said yes, chances are they’ll know at least one other person who will also join your team.

SENIOR LEADERSHIP - Having a senior leader act as an executive sponsor will help further demonstrate the importance of getting involved to the rest of the company.