Shave Down: 30th OctoberImage by: Movember
7 October 2020

Lockdown. Shave Down. Get Down.

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The hairiest of month's is nearly upon us, which means it's very nearly time to shave - for everyone planning to Grow a Mo for Movember must start their journey clean-shaven. You cannot grow unless you shave!

This year we're going big and putting on a global shave down like no other.

Enter: Lockdown, Shave Down, Get Down. We’re encouraging you to shave down starting October 30 and build momentum leading into the hairiest month of the year. Take that Lockdown look we’ve all be rocking…for months…Shave Down and show us your Movember Get Down moves. It’s time to have fun and do good for men’s health. 

We've all traversed the last few strange months and ended up in the same place together. And togetherness is important - no one should Mo alone. So, rally the troops, text your friends, message the group chat and open Zoom as we Lock Down. Shave Down. Get Down.

" Lock Down. Shave Down. Get Down. "

You’ve registered your Mo Space page - now lockdown your bearded buds to do the same and rally the troops for Movember. With your razors at the ready, gather your friends or colleagues to kick-off your campaign with a virtual Movember shavedown. Why not grab some pizzas and make an evening of it? Shaving down is better with buds and growing a Mo with them is even better.

Get your network to support your Movember shave down efforts by sharing your progress on social media - film it, snap it, share it! Don't forget to tag @Movember and use #Movember.

Show your Lockdown look, reveal your Shave Down then Get Down for Movember.