Three friends laughing together.
Listen & LearnImage by: Unsplash
Three friends laughing together.
15 February 2023

Listen & Learn: Interactive research on young men's mental health now available on Movember.Com

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Across 2020 and 2021, Movember worked with research partners The Good Side to investigate the experiences of men across the UK, Canada, and Australia, in a bid to better understand how culture, society and masculinity were impacting their mental health.

Highlights from this ‘Listen and Learn’ research are now available online for our community to explore – allowing users to navigate graphs on country specific data, discover differences between age cohorts, and watch video content of our young men sharing. Research themes include men’s perception of vulnerability, driving for success and masculinity in the media.

The in-depth ethnographic research involved spending six months with 100 younger, less-affluent men to understand their everyday lives, interests, identities, hopes, fears - and what they think it means to be a man. Insights revealed that it was younger, less affluent men who felt the biggest negative impact on their mental health and future aspirations - with poorer overall wellbeing and higher levels of depression than the wider male population of all ages. These insights have supported the team to build behaviour change campaigns to support men’s mental health including the partnership with top UK YouTubers.

The insights continue to inform our work and demonstrate the importance to listening and learning from our men most at need.

Visit Listen and Learn to see what we found.