Young student smiles from the barber chair of a Montreal barbershop
"Movember at its core is great example of people coming together."Image by: Max Rosenstein
Young student smiles from the barber chair of a Montreal barbershop
11 August 2023

Liam’s story: Why men’s health matters for the next generation

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My first year as a Mo Bro, I donated a bit, but didn’t do much else. Fortunately, that changed last year. Movember has helped me understand how to be someone more caring, that can be there to talk for the men and people in my life, which is an invaluable skill.

Fundraising with the John Molson School of Business

I got involved to bring light to men’s health issues. All while growing up, I noticed how people didn’t seem to care about how the men around me felt and defaulted to just viewing them as emotional rocks. But Movember encourages vulnerability and brings light to various issues we face as men – that’s what resonated with me so much. That, and I love my Movember team! Andrea Valcarcel and I were Co-Presidents of JMoSB – a student-run John Molson School of Business association that partners with Movember every year to raise awareness and funds. Last year, we were 20 students strong, hosted 4 events, and raised $20,000 for the cause. A cause that really matters to me.

Changing the face of men’s health for the next generation

Men’s health matters to me first and foremost because I myself am a man and I have and will have to face a lot of common issues that men face. I’m looking out for myself and others now and making sure the world we construct is one I’d want to live in and one that tackles these issues. Beyond that, growing up and on social media, it’s often felt like a battle of the sexes, with people online debating who has it worse. But that isn’t important to me. Movember at its core is great example of people coming together to help each other out. In a way, men’s health matters to me, because this concept has instilled and solidified this idea of mine to help no matter what. Men’s health, women’s health, community health – if someone needs help, I’ll help out.

Why students should get involved with Movember

I think it’s so important for people to get involved with charitable missions at an early age. I really believe that rallying around a cause you believe in helps build the foundation of who you’ll become in the future. Having something important to you, that you spend time on, builds discipline, courage, integrity and empathy (and much more!). As a student, being a part of this cause has allowed me to interact with like-minded individuals, making new connections with peers as we participate in something that’s much bigger than just us.

Challenging norms and breaking stigmas for men’s health

For me, what’s bigger than me are the societal stigmas and norms that have challenged men’s health. We’re often all lumped together and portrayed as aggressive, patriarchal, abusive and power-dominant, when in many cases, men who have broken down and showed emotion, have felt pressure to regain composure – keeping up appearances as « strong ». Growing up in a world where you can’t just be yourself for fear of reprimand or judgement is not something that anyone should have to go through.

Healthier men will mean better communities

If men were able to live without constant mental strain and dissonance within our communities, these places will be served by more positively-oriented men – with a healthy focus on themselves and those around them. There will be happier brothers, fathers, barbers, policemen, firefighters, and teachers – that on its own will elevate communities.

Join the Movember mission

Thinking about joining the Movember mission? As Nike so cleverly copyrighted – just do it! There’s no better place and time than right here and right now to start doing something you believe in.