"Great Canadian Mo" with 5 separate photos of 4 Mo Bros and 1 Mo Sister
Incredible Mo's across the nationImage by: Movember
"Great Canadian Mo" with 5 separate photos of 4 Mo Bros and 1 Mo Sister
29 November 2022

Meet 2022's Great Canadian Mo Winners

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Over the past month you’ve started conversations, you’ve raised funds for men’s health, and you’ve Mo’d. Oh, how you’ve Mo’d.

After searching high and low across the Great White North, our pursuit of Canada’s most epic Mo’s has come to a hairy end. Thank you to all of our Mo Bros and Sisters that participated, sharing the stories behind their Mo’s and the Mo’s they know and love. This year’s winners are sporting some of the bushiest, most glorious, most sporting conversation-starters we’ve ever seen.

The winners of the 2022 Great Canadian Mo Challenge will see their Mo’s featured on various billboards across Canada on November 30th. So, without further ado, let’s meet this year’s winners…

Raj Menon – Toronto, Ontario

Celebrating my 11th “official” year of growing a moustache in support of Movember. As a disabled veteran, I have faced many health challenges, including mental health. And with suicide being so prevalent for men and veterans, I like to do my part to bring light to the struggle and help to change future outcomes.

Raj’s Mo Space

Jen Wenning – Calgary, Alberta

This year has been my first close experience with anyone being involved in Movember. A couple of my co-workers asked me if I was going to take part and me, someone who loves doing things with coworkers that is not involved with work, said why not. As I signed up, I learned that Movember was more than "dealing" with cancer. I was not previously aware of the men's mental health aspect. Learning this inspired me more to be involved.

I am a firm believer in positive mental health for everyone. I also feel that men are lacking the knowledge and support that they deserve to achieve this. It has long been the way that men are the strong ones, suck it up and deal, boys don't cry, etc, etc... This attitude and perception needs to end. My father, husband, son, etc. all deserve the same support and resources that everyone has to achieve good mental health.

The stigma against men needing help and support for their mental health needs to end. I have personally seen the benefits of mental health support for men in my life. Not only does it provide a better quality of life for the man experiencing it, but it improves that of their families, friends and loved ones as well.

Jen’s Mo Space

Davor Polak – Ottawa, Ontario

I started growing a Mo to fundraise back in 2012 with my brother when he was first diagnosed with prostate cancer. We fundraised together for seven years. After a valiant fight, he ended up losing his battle in 2020. Back in those days, Movember really concentrated on prostate cancer, but am very happy they have evolved to include all men's health issues, as I have also lost two immediate male family members to suicide. I Mo every year to honour them, to remember them, and to make their early exits mean something. I press on for them so that every dollar raised helps other men with their health. About to pass the $20,000 mark in total funds raised, which makes me so very happy and appreciative of all those that support my efforts. I truly believe together we are making a difference. That's why I Mo.

Davor’s Mo Space

Ernie Weir – Conception Bay South, Newfoundland

Over time, I have watched my son and my oldest grandson grow from boys to men and I have been blessed with two more grandsons. These are the “Men I Mo for”; these are the men I want to know will live long healthy lives. Ensuring the best health outcomes for men takes on a whole new meaning.

Ernie’s Mo Space

Rodell Bautista – East St. Paul, Manitoba

I am nominating my husband as he has had his own health issues and does this for awareness and truth and in memory of my son, he rocks!

Rodell’s Mo Space