Shaving tips: CW Beggs & SonsImage by: CW Beggs & Sons
17 November 2020

CW Beggs and Sons share four steps to master the perfect shave

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CW Beggs and Sons have partnered up with Movember and are looking out for Canadian Mo growers with four steps to master the perfect shave.


Cleanse using warm water. Apply cleanser to your face and neck in a circular motion.


Apply your shaving foam for coverage, and shave in the direction of hair growth.


Treat that freshly shaven face and neck with a sensitive skin after-shave massage.


Seal the deal and finish off with a moisturizer to sooth and fortify the skin.

CW Beggs and Sons are also using content to help raise awareness around what men need to be aware of to be in tune with their health, and will be donating $1 per product, and $5 per shave kit sold until December 2, up to $15,000.

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