Introducing Omega Access

Author: Movember

Three men. Three videos. Three stories. This is the way Omega Access is inspiring men to see masculinity as a spectrum and not binary.  The goal behind the O/A program is to debunk stereotypes around masculinity by celebrating men with healthy and alternative identities lifestyles and personal strengths.
Creative director Marc O’ Brien and program director Matthew Cherkas founded Omega Access through funding from the Movember Foundation, who also work to help break men’s health stigmas, and masculinity stereotyping, to help let men live healthier happier and longer lives.
The three unique stories are all up online now, go check them out and follow Antonio as he shows us the journey he’s taking to balance work, play, love and friendships all while being an avid surfer in the frigid Canadian climate.  See the incredible transformation of Sheldon into Tynomi Banks the jawdroppingly gorgeous drag queen, and listen to him open up about the strength in walking in a woman’s shoes through the male lens and his personal account of homophobia, personal strength and inner and outer beauty. Last but not least, we are introduced to Marczyk, activist, poet, athlete and incredible violinist. Showing us how showing history, culture and unique experiences with others can transform the world.
To see the videos, and find out more info on Omega Access and other amazing Movember Foundation funded programs head over to: