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Too many men are dying too young and the Mo Bros and Mo Sistas of TELUS are doing their part to ensure that men will have the chance to live happier, healthier and longer lives. Mo On, have fun and do good!
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Kevyn McGregor posted a photo on TELUS's page
33 Week(s) Ago

A tip of the hat to all who supported Movember 2016, helped raise awareness and funds in support of bringing an end to men's cancers below the waist! Kudo's to the TELUS teams who raised the fundraising bar this year, particularly to the Mo Bro's and to the Calgary Champion Mustachios who try as we might we could not catch up!! Well done Mohan and team!! All for a great cause!!

Mohan Balachandran
33 Week(s) Ago

Dear Mo Bros and Mo Sistas,
2016 Movember brought all of us together for an awesome cause. Mo Bros and Mo Sistas from finance to Corp security, from CSD to Marketing, from Guatemala to Manila we came as one team to face the challenge.
This year TELUS Mo Bros (the smallest team) led the pack from the get go while TELUS Mustachios (the biggest team) in 2nd place. Kevyn’s TELUS YYC Mobility Cares kept us on pressure from day one. While TELUS Scarb-Mo and TELUS Health are poised to go for a photo finish.
Once again a big thank you for your support

Huy Do
34 Week(s) Ago

Great job, guys

Kevyn McGregor posted a photo on TELUS's page
35 Week(s) Ago

C'mon J.P.! Mohan's team needs a challenge, and that will get us closer to Tim's group!! Let's catch these guys! Go GROW!

J.P. Gaston
37 Week(s) Ago

Welcome to the TELUS Mo'vember Campaign!

Remember to share your team with co-workers to join the cause and really make a difference. They don't have to grow a Mo - though we certainly love the participation! There is also a MOve campaign to get people active for men's health!

Look forward to a few contests with some great prizes too! It will be a fantastic month, and all in the name of educating and awareness for something that impacts all of our lives.

Mo'fully yours (or, will be mo'full soon!),
MoBro JP

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