One-off Donations

Donate to a Mo Bro or Mo Sister's efforts

Head on over to our donation page and search by name to make a donation.


Donate to Movember

You can make a donation straight to Movember any time of the year.


Monthly donations

Support men’s health year-round

Make a monthly donation to save men’s lives today, and into the future.

Gifts of Securities

Donate Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds and take advantage of tax benefits

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Fund Matching

A number of companies operate a fund matching program so that the money you donate or raise is doubled by them. Ask your employer to support your efforts and fund match the amount of your donation. Chances are, if you’re standing for change, the company you work for will stand behind you.

If your employer needs us to fill out a Dollar Matching Form or verify your donation contact us at

To send in either a dollar matching form or cheque, mail to:

Movember Canada
119 Spadina Avenue
PO Box 65
Toronto, ON M5T 2T2