Moustache Miler

$ 635

Objectif: $ 15.000

The Moustache Miler is an all volunteer-organized non-profit benefiting the Movember Foundation. Focused on community and empowerment, we create events where families, seasoned runners, and first-time racers can all come together and have a good time for a good cause.

In 2021, Glow Your Own Way! Join us Wednesday, November 10th for a certified 5km race in Stanley Park.

To be eligible for Largest Fundraising Prizing this year, you will need to be BOTH 1) registered for the Moustache Miler race, and 2) link your individual or team Movember fundraising to this Challenge.

Any questions? Email us at

Progrès du programme Move dans ce défi.

10000 km

Can we move as much as we raise? Sync your Strava or enter manually and let's Move for Movember!





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