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Made in Movember... It all begins with you, the Mo Bros and Sistas. So many conversations about men's health don't ever get started. It's up to us to bring these issues to light. Health, happiness, everything. Take care of yourselves. Take care of each other. That's what Movember is about.
Mike Milloy

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Nicole Tupechka
3 Week(s) Ago

Back again eh! Lucky #7! Nice work Mo Bro! Sending so much MO love from T Dot! Come visit, I've been working on my walking tour just for you! ;)

Marie J. Chidiac posted a photo on Mike's page
3 Week(s) Ago

Welcome back Mike! Seven years as an outstanding Mo bro is definitely an accomplishment on it's own. Thanks for keeping true to our campaign and seeing us through. We hope that together we can change the face of men's health. We here at HQ applaud you and wish you the best during your campaign. If you require any assistance along the way, please reach out to me directly and I will do my best to assist you. {marie.chidiac@movember.com}.

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5 Week(s) Ago


Mike Milloy

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