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Movember is about raising awareness of the diseases men don't feel comfortable discussing on their own, from "below the belt" cancers to mental health. I want to make it easier for us to get the help we need.

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David Perry 39 Week(s) Ago

So it's the final day of Movember, and thanks to you all, I've raised over a quarter grand! You people rock.

Here's what I look like today. Tomorrow I start the obligatory facial-hair sculpting, that will inevitably lead to shaving clean again. I think it's for the best if those pictures don't end up on the internet.

Matthew Elliott donated $20.00 39 Week(s) Ago

Nice Grow Bro!

David Perry 39 Week(s) Ago

Thank you very much, anonymous donor! Thank you for supporting a cause that's important to me and many other men.

David Perry 40 Week(s) Ago

Movember's 3/4 done, and thanks to your support, we've raised an impressive amount of money for men's health issues. Thank you all so much for the support!

Josee Boudreault donated $25.00 41 Week(s) Ago

A worthwile cause!

David Perry 41 Week(s) Ago

It takes about two weeks for my mo to grow in. I'm trying to keep it at a controlled size this year, though I doubt I'll win any Errol Flynn lookalike contests.

Cory Coleman donated $40.00 42 Week(s) Ago

Rachel Tannahill donated $25.00 43 Week(s) Ago

Can't wait to watch that mo grow!

William Perry donated $50.00 43 Week(s) Ago

Good to see you doing this again. Time to get growing! Good luck!

Leonard Guchardi donated $25.00 43 Week(s) Ago

Going to do the "Evil Spock" again? All the best and good growing...!!!

David Perry donated $20.00 43 Week(s) Ago

Just priming the pump a bit. (:

David Perry 43 Week(s) Ago

It's that time of the year again! But besides being time for my annual haircut, it's Movember, and I'll be growing my face to raise money for a cause.

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