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The campus community has been rocking the Mo throught the Big Moustache On Campus Challenge for many years. In 2013, Movember is continuing the hairy journey by inviting students, faculty and staff from elementary and high schools universities and colleges to rally a team and join their educational challenge network.


Whether you’re a university of college Mo, a highschool Mo or rocking the world of graduate studies we’ve got a challenge for you. Check out your network challenges below and get ready to make your mark.

The Challenges

Big Moustache On Campus

Representing all things higher education, this challenge rallies universities from across the country to get involved. Awards will be given for top fundraising campus, team and individual student fundraiser. In 2012 over 35,000 faculty, staff and students worked together in the BMOC challenge to raise over $2.95 million for men’s health. This was the single largest network AND highest fundraising network involved in Movember globally.

The Moustache Admission Test (The MAT)

The MATs challenge will rally graduate and professional students across Canada to battle it out for the title and award for top graduate school team and individual fundraiser. Forget verbal or quantitative reasoning, the ‘MAT’ will focus on growing Mo’s and raising funds.

The Wisps: The Canadian High School Challenge

Whether it’s thick or thin, high schools will, grow, groom and love their Mo’s as they pursue the Canadian High School Challenge trophy. Awards will be given for top fundraising team and individual student fundraiser.

Chris Hadfield Global BMOC Challenge!

Space Mo Chris Hadfield has returned safely to earth and is ready to make some noise for Movember. This year, Chris is challenging students from around the world to register at then join the Big Moustache On Campus (BMOC) network! In 2012, over 35,000 students participated in the BMOC network and raised over 3.2 million for men's health initiatives.
It's time to rally your troops student Mo's, because Chris will be personally visiting both the top fundraising school in Canada and the world at the end of the campaign. The interstellar Mo will spend 1:1 time working with the winning teams and give a talk to their entire school.
Register, create a team, then join the BMOC network for your chance to meet the Space Mo himself.

Simple Steps To Get Your Campus Involved

  • Join both you school’s network and BMOC, MAT or CHSC – whichevers relevant
  • Host a local registration party to encourage fellow Mo Bros and Mo Sistas to register
  • Get other areas of campus involved: athletics, clubs, associations, faculties and residences
  • Encourage local businesses and community groups to support the cause
  • Order Movember posters and post them in high traffic areas on campus
  • Approach school administration and encourage them to champion the cause publicly
  • Invite health services to give a talk at an organized men’s health evening
  • Host a MOVE event and get active
And talk to us! We love hearing about the amazing things you’re doing and we love helping out.

Dal Commerce “Stiff Upper Lips”

Led by all-star Mo Bro Mike Wilkes, 76 students from the Rowe School of Business Dalhousie united in the name of men’s health to raise an outstanding $16,282 – the best effort by any under-graduate program. “One of the best things about Movember on campus is that it has become more than just a male-focused health movement” said Wilkes. “By providing both financial and moral support, Mo Sistas have really embraced the moustache and it’s brought together a great group of moustache enthusiasts.”

Mr. Pharmacy

For the past three years, students from the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences have hosted an annual fundraising event, “Mr. Pharmacy”, which raised over $16,000 in 2012. “It is great for us to all come together and throw an event that not only raised awareness for men’s health issues across the city, but is also one of the single biggest fundraisers on campus” said Josh Torrance, VP of External and event organizer.

Lower Canada College

Led by LCC Alumni and Movember committee member Mark Capombassis, ‘LCC STASH’ blew the socks off moustaches everywhere by winning the first annual Canadian High School Challenge, raising an incredible $20,846 for men’s health. Mo Bro Jesse Galganov led the fundraising effort with an impressive $5,208 – not bad for a high school senior!


Getting your campus involved in Movember is a great way to have some fun and also get peers, friends and family talking about men’s health. If you are interested in learning more, please e-mail us at or call 1855-4GROW-MO (447-6966).