Get Involved

Movember In The Community

Each year, local communities embrace the moustache and jump aboard the Movember train. The young, the old and everyone in between gets their community involved. Sports teams, small towns, bands, leagues, hobby groups, fire halls, theatre groups and more, all growing Mo’s and talking about men’s health. The level and types of support vary from one community to another, but their combined efforts play a vital role in helping Movember achieve its vision of having an everlasting impact on the face of men's health.

Simple steps to get your community involved:

  • Register a team or network at
  • Host a local registration party to encourage Mo Bros and Mo Sistas to sign up.
  • Get your local sports team involved: football, basketball, soccer- any sport is great
  • Encourage local clubs, bars and restaurants to do their part for men’s health- moustaches on menus, Mo Bro lunches, or free entry for Mo Bros and Mo Sistas for the month
  • Order Movember posters and post them at key spots around your community
  • Approach local well known faces to grow a Mo and champion the cause publicly
  • Invite your local doctor to give a talk at an organized men’s health evening
  • Organize an end of month shave-off at a local barber shop
  • Order a Movember Party pack and host an end of month Mo Party to judge the best Mo in the community
  • You’re probably getting the picture now…use your creativity
  • And talk to us! We love hearing about the amazing things you’re doing and we love helping out –
There are many ways a community can get involved each finds their own creative niche. Read on to see just some examples of how groups in the past have supported Movember and how you can get involved.

The Great Canadian Fire Department & Police Challenges

Canadian Police and Firefighters are Movember pioneers and have continued to get more involved each year. The MOPO network included 1,513 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas raise $300,904 and the Fire Challenge had 2669 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas raise $ 464,834. Growing a Movember moustache not only gives our police and fire Mo's opportunity to raise money for men’s health, it is also a great conversation starter and helps them engage with the local community when they’re out and about. These men and women have inspired many other organizations and businesses to add a Mo to their 'uniform' and embrace Movember.
Check out our Police and Fire networks.

Mo Bro Shawn Carnes –
a man with a fundraising plan

Meet Mo Bro Shawn Carnes, a true moustached man with a plan. To raise funds throughout the hairy month he offers his services in exchange for a donation to his Mo Space page. This includes fixing cars, welding on an exhaust, changing tires, putting on winter tires, eating raw onions and more! Well done Shawn, we salute you!

A Mo Away From Home

Mo Bro Ken Vokey grew for the Movember campaign while serving his country in Afghanistan. Learn more about his story here. Bringing awareness to men’s mental health is something that Ken stands proudly behind and supports. “With myself being in the military and serving in a warzone for my second time I am more than aware of post traumatic stress disorder, which is a mental health condition many of my friends suffer from.” said Ken. “There are just so many speed bumps in the road of life its more than any single individual can bear, that's why we all have to stick together as a team.”

A healthy Mo is a happy Mo

Mo Sista Michele Rugole keeps her friends proactive about their health through pop up Yoga classes across her home city of Toronto. During Movember, she held her very own Moga event at a local concert venue, providing Movember gift bags, a DJ, and all around good vibes.

Getting your local community involved in Movember is a great way to have some fun and also get friends and family talking about men’s health. If you are interested in learning more, please e-mail us at or call 1-855-4GROWMO (1-855-447-6966).