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Sport teams, schools, bands, hobby groups, fire departments, police stations, theatre groups and many more are all growing moustaches, and supporting those who are, in the name of men’s health. The level of participation can vary, but the combined Mo love from coast to coast plays an important role in helping Movember change the face of men’s health! Here are some simple steps to get your community involved:

Sign up

Sign up and make your commitment to changing the face of men’s health official.

Don’t Mo Alone

Reach out and recruit people in your community to join your Mo journey! Sport teams, campuses, clubs, barber shops, health advoates, and many others are a great place to start.


To make change, we need to raise it! Get to know your Mo Space, it’s your fundraising headquarters with all the tools needed to ask friends, family and community to donate to support your Mo growth.


Engage in some healthy competitions around fundraising numbers or best moustache growth between others in your community! We’ve created some challenges to get you started!

Raise Awareness

Your new moustaches are bound to garner you some attention, so put it to good use. Start converstaions about the importance of men’s health, order your free Movember pack and throw up posters in key spots around the community.


Take pride in your Mo growing efforts by hosting a Mo Party or joining other Mo Bros and Mo Sistas at an official Movember Gala Parté – the costume party you are growing for.



We’ve met some very passionate Mo Bros and Mo Sistas over the years. Why not get some inspiration from a couple below by reading about their story!


MedHat Movember

CB Fire Fighters



Don’t hesitate to reach out to use for different Mo ideas, or to share your community Mo story! We want to hear from you.


Sign up today, and fight the good fight for men’s health!

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