July 19th, 2015

“Meeting Men in the Moment” project focuses on mindfulness to improve men's health at work. 

Inspiring Wellness in the Workplace
Where The Money Goes

The “Meeting Men in the Moment” project funded by the Movember Foundation as part of the Canadian Men’s Health and Wellbeing Innovation Challenge, which focuses on mindfulness training to improve men’s health, including mental health through the workplace. Geoff Soloway, Training Director at MindWell Canada explains: “We know men aren’t signing up to take in-person mindfulness training so we’re shifting the way we present it. We’re shifting the title and the proposition so that it’s more performance enhancement. Mindfulness is also a great tool for lowering angst in general. Mindfulness doesn’t tell you to accept everything where it is, it just gives you a more calm place to take your next step forward.”

By calming the mind, this can help increase concentration to tasks and improve your chance of hitting deadlines. The training will incorporate speed and will be delivered as 10 minutes a day for a month as an introduction. Participants will use an online program, which they can easily access from their computers, smartphones or tablets. Participants will learn to take their brains off autopilot and focus on what they are working on so that they are remain calm through deep breathing and are more able to work through conflicts or difficult situations that may arise. We’re excited to announce that corporations including Toronto-based Coca-Cola Canada are already signing up for the 30 day challenge that will take place this Movember.