April 4th, 2019

The Locker Room Doctor

The Locker Room Doctor is back on the ice for another season
Where The Money Goes

The Locker Room Doctor is back on the ice for another season. As Canadians, we’re likely all familiar with the game of hockey and subsequently a locker room. Movember-funded program, “The Locker Room Doctor” is a multimedia website resource that encourages men to talk openly about their mental and physical health through the shared activity of playing hockey. It empowers men to make sense of their lives on and off the ice.  This is primarily a male-facing initiative where the weekly hockey social network becomes a platform for health “info-tainment”. 

The weekly game is already a ritual of shared wisdom, mutual support and laughter (as well as exercise). The Locker Room Doctor is simply hoping to amplify this weekly ritual and make the experience more evidence-based, putting a spin on this sports phenomenon to help men get informed about their health. In the latest season of “Locker Room Doctor”, the team tackles mental health and suicide prevention with a video on how to talk to a friend about suicide. There’s a common myth about suicide that it happens without warning, but in reality, many men have mentioned their distress to at least one other person. They aren’t always direct, so it’s important to know the warning signs when someone close to you is quietly sending distress signals.
The “Locker Room Doctor” is a great program that follows Movember’s mandate of going to where the men are and reaching out to them in a way that they can positively respond to. For more information on this program, you can visit their website and view the video HERE.