November 6th, 2018

John Sexsmith's Story

Veteran broadcaster John Sexsmith talks about his experience with Movember's TrueNTH program.
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The TrueNTH program, now operating across eight countries, is the most significant global investment yet made to improve the quality of life for men with prostate cancer and their families. Fully funded by the Movember Foundation, it is a designed to empower men living with prostate cancer to better manage their health and the life changes resulting from prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The program includes a number of component parts including treatment decision making information, lifestyle advice, peer to peer support with other prostate cancer survivors, sexual health resources, symptom management tools and easier access to healthcare professionals.

“This program has strengthened me and made me a better person to fight cancer.”

One of the projects in Canada is the TrueNTH Lifestyle Management initiative which is building evidence around the benefits of exercise and nutrition. It is delivered in partnership with Prostate Cancer Canada, and funded through the efforts of the remarkable Movember fundraising community.
Veteran broadcaster John Sexsmith is one of the men invited into the program after he experienced significant side effects from the surgical removal of his prostate and subsequent radiotherapy. In this video, John relates the physical and mental transformation he and other men have undergone through the program, and the immense value of the group he became a part of as a result of his involvement.

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