November 24th, 2016

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday
Where The Money Goes

In just a couple of the days, the headline will read: Movember Gives Canada 60,000 Moustaches and in 2016 these moustaches have helped stop men from dying too young. Giving Tuesday is the opportunity for Canada to reflect on the year to realize that there's still plenty of time to take a deep breath and find a way to give back to the community. 

Because of these moustaches the barbershop business is booming, they've propped up the napkin industry, and have reinvigorated dinner menu items that take a fork and knife to use. Across Canada open-faced bagels and sandwiches on the decline. From the way we drink our frothy seasonal drinks to how many Tom Selleck or Burt Reynolds references are made left, right and centre at work. What's incredible to see is the amount of giving by Canada toward this movement. Globally, for the fourth year running, we've been growing in rank among the top 500 NGOs. Currently, Movember is ranked 55th in the world. And we’re not slowing down.
While those are some surprising cultural outcomes we have made a profound impact in Canada. The moustache is the ribbon of men's health and moustaches have raised funds to have an impact in Canada. Like The Dudes Club, an indigenous-led community organization based in downtown Vancouver. Or BroTalk, a support zone to help teen guys. Work like, Strength in Unity was the first of its kind to research how to address mental illness stigma among Asian men in Canada. These are just a few of the ground-breaking programs we fund. These programs were made possible because you got involved, made or donated to a friend’s Mo Space. It's time to give back. We can’t stop the work we’re doing. Movember Canada will be donating 140 pairs of shoes to a Montreal men’s shelter this Giving Tuesday. 
Monday was quoted saying, “I may be considered the bastard cousin of the week by most, but I seek solace in being followed by Tuesday. I know my faults. Tuesday is just so giving.”
Tuesday, often described as being the ‘better’ Monday, spoke to how people tend to be nicer and in the giving spirit. “I think people don’t like to realize Monday is the start of the work week. They get through the day by counting how many sniffles their coworker has or wondering what their eating for lunch.”  
“Everyone is in such a better mood when Tuesday rolls around,” Tuesday remarked. “People are relaxed, and they shook off the Monday grogginess. Plus, Wednesday is right around the corner.”

The Movember Foundation encourages everyone to give back on Giving Tuesday. Donate to a Mo Bro or Mo Sista you know, or even Text MOFO to 30333 to donate $5, $10, $20, $25 to help stop men dying too young.