Connect your Mo Space to Facebook. Go on. Do it.Image by: Movember
2 November 2023

Supercharge your fundraising by connecting your Mo Space to Facebook

2 minutes read time

How'd you like to really supercharge your fundraising? And by that, we mean: follow this simple trick and you're likely to raise 180% more funds than someone who doesn't.

Facebook Fundraisers let you easily link your Mo Space donor profile and Facebook account. This means friends and family can donate to your Movember fundraiser directly through Facebook – they don't even need to leave the app.

And yes, it's true: someone who links their Mo Space to Facebook Fundraisers on average raises a whopping 180% more compared to someone who keeps the two separate.

But here's the best bit. Donations sync both ways. That means all donations received through Facebook appear on your Mo Space; and all direct donations to your Mo Space contribute to your Facebook fundraising goal. Pretty neat, right? And it's all done with a few simple steps. Watch the video above or follow these steps.

Here's how it works:

  1. Head over to your Mo Space
  2. Scroll down to the "Reach more people" section
  3. Click to create your Facebook Fundraiser
  4. You'll need to sign in to your Facebook account and follow the prompts
  5. Once finished, you'll be dropped back on your Mo Space where you can click to "View your Facebook Fundraiser"
  6. Post a pic to your Facebook Fundraiser or kick off things off by donating to yourself, then sit back and watch the donations roll in

Visit your Mo Space to set up your Facebook Fundraiser now